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Example of what the Santa Letter may look like for your Child!
Published 10-08-2017

Example letter from Santa


See below how Santa's Letter may look for your Child, In this example we have used info about

Jake from Huntingdon. Note the PS message in this example mentions Mrs Claus' Cookie Mix

(an optional extra).

Jake is a boy who is 7 years old. He lives @:-

6 George Street, Sawtry, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire CB4 8TJ UNITED KINGDOM.

He likes Lego. He has a dog called Ringo and a goldfish called Nemo. His best friend is Adam. His most wanted gift for Christmas is a new bike.

You have asked Santa to write the following P.S. message: 'I've sent you my favourite cookie mix so now you can bake the same cookies as Mrs Claus. Ho ho ho.'

You would like Santa to mail this letter that Can be delivered between 2nd Nov and Christmas Eve 2017 (guaranteed)!

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Example Santa Letter