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Internet Marketing is Overwhelming
Published 01-08-2018

When I first started online I thought if I could just put up a webpage with a couple ads I would be rolling in dough,  I would have so much money I would  never ever have to work again.  Wow did reality set in, there is nothing simple about setting up and maintaining a website, not to mention the complicated world of seo, backlinks, and just plain getting targeted traffic to your site.

It is so hard not to give in to temptation many of us start to suffer from SOS (shiny object syndrome) it seems every ad or website you see has the answer for just a small payment of 37 to 97 dollars.  Start buying this packages and you will find that you are not any smarter or richer in fact you are starting to lose money and are still as confused and lost  as when you first started.

Thats why I don't often jump into every new site I see. I want proof it will work for the average person with a limited time and resources.  This one caught my eye because you can upgrade when you start making money and it is completely FREE to start plus it was easy to set up. I started yesterday, today I am showing 2 referrals, that is amazingly fast.

Never give up persistence can be the key to your success!

Liz N.