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Valentine Day A Gift For A Lovely One La Boheme Movie
Published 02-12-2018

Hi there, Chris B here.

Happy Valentine's Day! I have something here that is almost too much romance!

Yet it continues to be my favorite version of the  greatest romantic opera in modern times: L Boheme, by Puccini!

This is is a big screen verion that is called La Boheme the movie!

Years ago, 8 years to be exact, I was writing to A Lovely One , and even though I didn't intend it, this 

caused something to happen in me, that stays with me to this day! As I was watching this movie and writing to her about it, I found myself

wanting to figure out ways for her to enjoy this with me. Thus, The typed sub-titles of La Boheme The Movie was born!

I had only put it up a few blogs, and then went through Act 1, 2, 3, and just couldn't finish act 4, far too sad! But this

is a part of the first act, that is the most romantic scene of a budding love between Roldofo and Mimi!

So on the  8th anniversary of my original, writing for the lovely lady, today I put a youtube video here, and  I repeat that ,

which actually changed my life is so many way ! Whether or not, the lovely lady I wrote for, has feelings for me, really doesn't matter.

I give it to her as a gift to bring as much romance and happiness, into her life, and continued blessings in all she does:

Lovely One, Ladies and Gentleman, La Boheme The Movie, typed sub-titles, Act 1 :





From La Boheme:The Movie,
O soave fanciulla ("Oh gentle maiden")

Roldofo and Mimi have told each other about themselves, they kiss sweetly for the 1st time.
His friends call for him to come; he says someone is with him. He will meet them at the restaurant.
Mimi steps into the hallway and starts to go down the stairs,
Roldofo follows her and urges her to not go down the stairs yet. He sings with
a steadily increasing intensity until Mimi is also caught up into it.
They embrace and sing and 'see' into each others very souls.

Typed sub-titles of La Boheme, The Movie begins:

"What a wonderful being.
How the moonlight touches you ever so gently.-
You are the Dream. I never dared to dream.
(Both sing)
You speak, love.
Your words cut right through to my heart.
Until I can only hear you.
There is a storm in my soul.
(Roldofo and Mimi sing back and forth)
Love calls for a kiss."
Mimi moves down the stairway, as Roldofo follows
continuing to 'woo' her with his soul's own song.
An old woman opens her door and Mimi becomes
a little shy and embarrassed, but Roldofo continues the
wooing of his beautiful 'muse'. (She inspires him more
than he ever thought possible). The old woman closes her door
and Mimi still being shy, but has some courage, turns back to him.
Please don't.
Be mine.
Your friends are waiting.
Are you sending me off?
I wanted to ask you something.
Are you going to take me with you?
Let's stay here.
It is cold outside."
Roldofo reveals in his actions, that he did find her key earlier and was
keeping it all the time. She smiles softly. He then, being close to her, hands the key back to her
as her hand touches his. They tremble on the edge of a kiss,
just for a moment.
I'll stay close to you.
And later on?
Who knows?
She moves away quickly from
him toward her apartment door expecting him to follow.
He follows and as she checks her door, he acts like a
fine gentleman addressing a fine lady, bowing and offering
his hand as to escort her down the stairs.
May I?
At your command, Sir.
Say that you love me.
I love you.
As they begin down the stairway holding hands,
Mimi looks at Roldofo like she forgot something,
and goes back up the stairs to her door. Roldofo follows
and stands back from the door entrance as Mimi
unlocks the door. Mimi then looks at him with great love in her
eyes as she backs into her apartment.
She takes Roldofo's hands and guides him through the door
while looking at him. They both sing, 'I love you'
as they disappear into the apartment, where in the movie
we see through the window overlooking the roofs of Paris.
Both of them sing the highest pitch, 'I love you', (Actually my mistake, it's just 'love, love, love')
that resonates as they finish this scene in a kind of 'leaving' off-stage echo.
And the scene ends with a dreamy view of the two lovers together, kissing.
It zooms out backing away from them, out of focus and we see a candle
that fades out to only the light of the candle and then softly to darkness.

 Oh my goodness, it is almost too much beauty

Thanks, Happy Valentine's day to the Lovely One, and also to all my visitors!

From Chris B e r e n t s e n