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Get an emergency blanket, Prepare for the weather
Published 02-11-2018

Hi there, Chris B here. Thanks to all my visitors!

I've decided that even though the content I've been giving you in videos of music and personal developement is good,

I want to start offering more content that can help you learn, stay informed and above all, to stay safe!

First I have added this gov't video to get your up to speed about being prepared:

Weather is a big issue in our world! Either it be in winter, spring, summer or fall! So I found a company that will give you a free

High tech emergency blanket! Great to have when the power goes out, and good to keep in the trunk of your car for whenever you travel from home, and even when you are home, and the power goes out!

This will be good part of a plan, to help keep your family safe!


Always great to be prepared in this day and age!

Have a good Sunday!

From Chris B e r e n t s e n