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Lexi Somerton, a great British actress, Follow My Journey Video
Published 02-24-2018

Hi there, Christopher B here! I've got something so great to share with you!

Come and see the wonderful British actress, Lexi Somerton! 
See her behind the scenes video, that reveals her incredible versatility, of being able to play any kind of character!
As she says of her love for acting , 'The Freedom of Being Anyone'!


Isn't she amazing?! Yes, and she also a very lovely person! AND she is very positive minded!

(that's one of the reasons I posted her here; she has very lovely way about her way of living life!)

Actually, before I forget, do her a favor and go to Lexi's twitter and follow her!


And follow her on Instagram:


And see her newly started Youtube channel:


Go to her spotlight webpage to see more (there you will see more details about this lovely actress):


Thanks for visiting and have a great day!

Christopher B e r e n t s e n




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