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Refer 2 Friends is a program that you can build a business on.
Published 06-03-2018

My name is Carl Goodnight and I specialize in pifs (pay it forward) and coops (I help you get signups).

My main goal is to help the little guy get started in building a business.

After someone joins a program they are usually on their own.  They have to find resources to promote their product or service and if they need help, sometimes support doesn't respond timely or at all.

The key to building a successful affiliate marketing business is to get into programs where you get timely support and they pay when they say they will pay.

Many a program puts your withdrawals on pending and they sit.  Sometimes the site goes out of business and your pending is still sitting.

Refer 2 Friends and Pro Traffic Site have top notch admins.

I usually pick 2 - 3 programs, put them on my priority list and promote thru more than 150 programs that I belong to, over several weeks and months.

From time to time, I will update this blog with idea and tips that you can use, but here are a few tips that you can take to the bank:

Be Persistent.  Advertise continuously so people get to know who you are.  Add your picture so prospects can see who they are dealing with.  Once they get to know you, it will be much easier for them to do business with you.

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