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Published 07-31-2018

I'm here to bring awareness to the Community, about the new fincancial system that is really going to impact our lives in the coming years.  There will come a time when our grandchildren's children will not have set eyes on a dollar bill, let alone use one! 

The technology is developing at lightning speed and more and more people are finding out about this new Payment System.  More Merchants are coming on board.   And it's only going to get bigger and better.  Contrary to what some people believe, this is the World's saviour in terms of 3rd world poverty, the 2 billion people that are unbanked with no access to bank accounts.  There are so many opportunities now for ordinary people to make a good income from Cryptocurrency, creating more distributed wealth Globally. No longer can the powers that be have full control of what happens in the crypto space.  In fact, they are starting to realize the enormity of this phenomenon are are coming on board! 

I'm actually disappointed that this medium doesn't cater for Crypto/Bitcoin payments, or even recognize that Crypto should have it's own category in the 'Interests' list.  I do hope that changes in the near future. 

Below is just one story of the acceptance of Crypto today...

Thailand’s largest movie theater chain, Major Cineplex, is reportedly integrating crypto payments to allow customers to pay for its services and products with cryptocurrency, including movie tickets and popcorn. Thailand recently began regulating crypto businesses. This week, the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission started accepting license applications from crypto operators.  Read full Article.... HERE


Andreas Antonopoulos, A Bitcoin Expert Explains...

In this talk, Andreas recounts the history of Bitcoin and what it represents, building upon all the stories we've been told over the centuries about what "money" is, how we perceive its value, and why the old answers have changed as we adjust to this new world of digital peer-to-peer currencies.
He also discusses global threats to economic stability and trust in the financial system, including demonetisation and wealth destruction through inflation.


I've been a Crypto Enthusiast for 3 years now and see the bigger, brighter future for all of us.  I have been involved with number of Crypto Mining and Trading Companies.  Some are very good and have helped me accumulate my Bitcoin,  as well as pay bills and spend it on my family.  I actually convert it to Fiat Currency when there are no Bitcoin Merchants around to use. 

Some are not so good or downright scams. (As with all businesses in the online world).   And some were just the guinea pigs or test pilots. Think of it like Motorola.  It was the FIRST company to release a mobile phone but now people only think of Samsung or Apple.   Samsung or Apple did NOT invent the mobile phone...they just learned how to create a BETTER phone and promote it BETTER!

Which brings me through to this..... I have one I highly recommend. They have perfected a very popular business model. This is for the person that doesn't have big pockets! Now everyone can enjoy the fruits of what Cryptocurrency, mainly Bitcoin can bring... 


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I will be only an email away! Have a great day! 

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