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Automotive Tire Tips 13 of 13
Published 09-13-2017

It Happened To Him - It Could Happen To You


Once during routine service, the Author of this book ( James Halderman )

rotated the tires on a Pontiac Trans Am.

Everything went well and he even used a Torque Wrench to properly

Torque all of the wheel /tires Lug Nuts.

When he went to drive the car out of the Service Stall ,

he heard a horrible grinding sound. When he hoisted the car to invest-

igate, he discovered that the front wheels were hitting the Outer Tie Rod Ends.

( What he didn't realize is that both Rear Tires Diameter were larger than the Front.

That's how the Vehicle came Brand New from the Factory with Zero Miles on the Odometer. )

The 16" wheels had a different backspacing  Front and Rear , therefore ; these

wheels could not be Rotated Front to Rear.

Tip : Always check replacement or Aftermarket wheels for proper fit before driving the vehicle.

And , the Drivers Door Panel Jamm will display the correzt size of Tires for this vehicle .


Automotive Principles Technology - James D. Halderman                ( 1999 Edition )