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How To Write A Successful Blog.
Published 09-26-2017

If you have decided you want to work from home and start a blog but are worried about competition, don’t worry too much. There are thousands if not millions of blogs but that does not mean that yours cannot be successful but there are clear aims you need to be firm on before you embark on any writing otherwise you could just end up writing a blog about anything which wouldn’t help you to market your blog or get it to the people who you want to read it.


The first firm decision we need to make is what type of blog we are going to write about and stay consistent to this. Whether you blog be a travel blog, lifestyle blog, Mom Blog or Fashion Blog, decide early on which one you want to concentrate on and don’t deviate from that otherwise you are going to have problems marketing that blog and confusion will very certainly set in.


Once you have decided what you want to write about, be firm on your keywords, many people don’t like this part because it can often take out the fun and creativity of writing at all but you have to have keywords in order for people to find your blog and the keywords will be consistent with whatever you are writing about. If you decided to write a travel blog, there would be certain keywords such as travel blog and other keywords you would use to help your readers find you.


Writing at all is an art, as well as enjoying writing your Blog, you need your readers to enjoy what you have written. This doesn’t have to be as hard as you imagine. One of the first things to do is to enjoy writing because if you enjoy what you write, others will enjoy reading it. The other really important aspect of any writing is to ensure you get some ideas. Always search writings similar to your own and get some ideas of how others set out their blogs.


When you start a blog, it can be hard not to run away with ourselves and expect results almost overnight, much the same as a new website, it will take a while for your blog to be found and this will not happen overnight. One of the main reasons many fail in a very short time is because they expect results too quickly, they then lose interest and give up which is a real shame.


Lastly write often, every day is always the best way forward, even if you feel you have nothing to say but be careful not to write just anything. If you are really struggling, spend the day getting ideas and then start again the next day. Its really easy to write just anything but writing for writing’s sake is never the answer.


If you work from home set yourself clear boundaries of where and when you write so you don’t get into the habit of doing other things and getting distracted. Have a firm place to work and spend some time making that space yours. Anyone can write a blog but being successful is harder but if you are determined and want to succeed, you certainly can.