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Happy St Patricks Day, My Blog is at 631K visitors, Celebrate with Emer new video
Published 03-17-2019

Hi there, Chris B here! My blog reached 631,000 visitors total, since I started it in Sept 2017! WOW! Thanks so much to all my visitors and I will continue to do my best to provide lovely and nice things for you to watch! To celebrate, here is the  Irish Celtic Classical crossover Emer Barry's new video; her cover of I am the Voice!

Emer Barry - The Voice, Official Music Video

Yes she is lovely! Hope you liked it!

Now Go to Emer's official website, signup for her mailing list! 

Have a great day!

From ChrisB


Viral Traffic The Easy Way
Published 01-28-2019

Hi there,

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To Your Success,


Come See Affiliate Beat Blog
Published 12-09-2018

Hi there, ChrisB here! Just a quick note today! I now have another blog, called The Affiliate Beat Blog: (News and Reviews of the Best Affiliate Offers)! I think you will enjoy it, as I post summaries of the newest 'Build Your Business' affiliate offers! These can help you build your online business, to become more successful! I will be posting on a regular basis, and along with the traditional online affiliate tools to build your business, I plan to also post about things like my favorite music, and even personal development! I think you will like it!

Go to the following link and see what I offer:


And for those that are looking for the, Get $1997 Automated Software For 40 Bucks, click the link below to go directly there:


Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for visiting and have a great day!

From Chris B




Beautiful Celtic Version of Silent Night by Emer and Lynn
Published 12-02-2018

Hi there, ChrisB here! Here is something so very wonderfully appropriate for this month, Emer and Lynn celtic version of Silent Night:

Beautiful Celtic Version of Silent Night

Beautiful, yes it is!

Irish singers Emer Barry and Lynn Hilary met in college - two 'small voiced' sopranos training in classical voice and opera. While Emer pursued opera, Lynn embraced the more natural, celtic style of singing and became a soloist with Celtic Woman. Emer remained in the Opera world for a time, studying with English National Opera and performing small roles in Ireland. However, Emer and Lynn reconnected through their love of creating celtic and classical crossover music (Emer with Affiniti and Lynn with CaraNua) and decided to record something special together, a unique version of Silent Night, sung in Irish and fused with Brahms Lullaby. All proceeds from the sale of this track will go to the Make A Wish foundation.

Now go and buy this lovely EP album:


And to remind you, All proceeds from the purchase of this single and EP 'A Christmas Wish' go to the LauraLynn Children's Hospice http://www.lauralynn.ie

Hope you enjoy this, and that you will buy the EP today!

Have a wonderful day!

From ChrisB :-)

See my new Affiliate Beat Blog:



Former CaraNua member Edel Chan Murphy video Atlantic Sky
Published 11-23-2018

Hi there, this is ChrisB. Former CaraNua member Edel Chan Murphy has just released her newest video, Atlantic Sky!

This song, about immigrants from Ireland coming to the United States to start a new life, totally epitomizes the entire thought of what America is about; people coming from the Old Country, to the Promised Land, to pursue their dreams!
Being released on Thanksgiving Day in the US, it reminds us, what we should truly be thankful for!
As the decendant of one of these imigrants, I share this, to let you know, how very thankful for my ancestors
that made the choice to leave everything, and just fly...to fill up the Atlantic Sky...Enjoy Edel singing this lovely song!

Atlantic Sky

That is so very lovely!

Go Edel's official website to see more:



Have a great day!

Frm ChrisB

See my new blog and see Edel, sing A Million Dreams, with CaraNua Music:


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