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Webtalk Communicate Better Video
Published 08-10-2018

Hi there, Chris B here! Hope you are all well!  I just joined this Webtalk and I think it is going to be BIG!
Want a better social media experience?
Would you like an alternative to Fa ce Book, and one where you get a share of the revenue generated?
Paid down 5 levels?
Here it is, &I have an invitation for U just below here! Here, Watch the video now:


About Webtalk



It looks really good!
Like I said, I have an invitation for U; so click just below here, and Join Today!



Thanks for watching this and have a great day!

From Chris B



Thankful My Blog reached 400000 visitors, Celebrate with Carlos A Oliveira
Published 08-11-2018

Hi there, Chris B here! My blog reached 400,000 visitors total, since I started it in Sept 2017! Thanks so much to all my visitors and I will continue to do my best to provide lovely and nice things for you to watch! To celebrate, here is ordained pastor and artist Carlos A Oliveira (and he is also interestingly enough a real exorcist, yes!). This music of his is inspirational, relaxing, thankful music, that includes lovely video scenes!

Hope you enjoy it!

THANKFUL, Piano & Guitar Instrumental Christian Worship Song by Carlos A. Oliveira - Relaxing !!!




That is so wonderful!

To see more about Carlos (or as he is called Brother Carlos), go to his website at:


Have a great day!

From Chris B



Get new Jason Tonioli with CaraNua, video Edel Murphy sings
Published 07-17-2018

Hi there, Christopher B here! You are going love this! Watch this video of Edel Murphy singing Nearer My God To Thee! And get ready, because a new 2nd CD is coming out soon!

(This is a famous hymn that is said, that as the huge White Star Lines Titanic was sinking, a small group of orchestra members played this song; just as the waters of the Atlantic Ocean took the forward bow of the ship! So we remember those that lost their lives on the sea, and I share this with you. This lovely rendition of this hymn of hope...)


Jason Tonioli: "Nearer My God To Thee" feat. CaraNua, Edel Murphy...



Yes Edel is lovely!


Get the new CD by Jason Tonioli: Favorite Hymns Featuring CaraNua:

This album features Jason Tonioli’s hymn arrangements sung by CaraNua, a trio comprised of Irish singers Alex Sharpe, Lynn Hilary and Edel Murphy. These three have toured/traveled the world as lead singers for Celtic Woman and Riverdance.

In addition to the amazing vocals by CaraNua, the talented Chuck e. Myers & Jake Bowen provided orchestration magic on each of the tracks.

The ladies of CaraNua say,

"This is the first time Jason has recorded vocals to his arrangements and the results have been stunning. We hope you enjoy listening to the music and hope you will share it with your family and friends."

And This makes a great gift, for those you love!

Click the link below to get Favorite Hymns Today!


Oh and seeing that Caranua debut music video, the cover of #amilliondreams has had over 200,000 views on youtube,

 please go to my link, and watch the video! Then LIKE and Share the video! Help keep going viral!


To Creating Your Future,

C^h^r^i^s^t^o^p^h^e^r B^e^r^e^n^t^s^e^n



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RedTeaDetox Video 7 Buck Discount
Published 06-16-2018

Hi there, Chris B here! Thanks for all my visitors! And also, those that are here to see about the discount for the Red Tea Detox! So first, take a look at the very creative video, and see what you think! Then those that came here looking for the 7 Red Tea Detox special trial discount, you will see the link below!

Discover the Secret West African Red Tea!



After you watch the video, go to the following link, and get the very special $7 discount trial!



Hope you enjoy this video! And I hope you went and got the special deal for Red Tea Detox!

Have a great day!

From Christopher B e r e n t s e n




The person or business that provided you with this information may receive compensation in the form of commissions and or bonuses when you purchase any of the products offered. 


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If you can dream it, you can do it
Published 06-12-2018

Hi there, ChrisB here! Hope you are all well! I've joined an online business that can be used to help you build any business! 

And also, can help you create a part time income that may replace your full time income! It is called All in One Profit! And you can get started for only $10 ! Watch the video below and see if it something that you would like to learn more about!

All In One Profits - Network Marketing System



Hope you liked this and go ahead and click the link and go and take the free tour!


Have a great day!

Christopher B e r e n t s e n



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