About Page Use Your Name To Brand Yourself
Brand Yourself With Your Name
by Adrienne Franklin

A brick and mortar business is there to be seen when you go to where it is. And it is usually with other shops that people visit on a regular basis.

But this is not true of a business on the internet and you have to find a way to let people know that you exist and one of these is to:


What you do is register your name as your domain name, if it is a common one, or a long one, as mine is, you can put a dash between the first and surname.

You then put a WordPress blog on it and use it to review your other websites and programs that you use.

If you use keywords that people are searching for and other SEO procedures you can get it on the first pages of Google.

Another way is to write articles and put them on sites that others visit on a regular basis. If they are good, with information people are looking for and which they use on their sites they will soon get placed by the Search Engines on the 1st page.
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