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Pregnancy and healthy food
by Aldona

If you are like many pregnant women. you are intended to eat organic foods,load up vegetables and fruits and drink lots of milk.Then reality set in and you realized that it's tougher than you thought it would be to eat well with a baby on the way.You may be so queasy than you can't mange more than a few bites of plain bread at a time, or so hungry that you are polishing off pints of ice cream in one sitting. No need to stress - you can overcome these challenges with our pointers from the pros.
Learn the facts.In fact you only need to consume an additional 300 to500 extra calories a day, which is the equivalent of one or two well-balanced snacks.
Get your vitamins and minerals./read more about about vitamins and minerals in the "PARENTS"magazine from June 2012/.
Make smart choices.Avoid processed foods such a microwave meals and canned pastas, which lack important nutrients.
Eat frequent snacks. If you let your stomach get to empty,you may experience sudden ravenous hunger.Regular snacking can keep your blood sugar steady and combat dizziness, shakiness, and light-headeness-and dry foods ,such whole-wheat toast or crackers,or anything with fresh ginger in it,can help quell nausea.
Indulge in moderation.Pregnancy is not a time deprive yourself, but it is not an excuse to splurge like crazy either..
More in Magazine "PARENTS" June 2012.
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