ClickBank Demon Review  
About Page Ohh No ... not another "get rich quick" product from Clickbank? No, No, it's Clickbank Demon, sell Clickbank products on complete autopilot!
My ClickBank Demon Review
by Julie Birkwood

How's your Clickbank promotions and sales theses days? ...

If they are anything like mine, they are a bit "hit and miss", "up and down"
or simply nothing for quite long periods of time.

I don't know about you but Ikind of get bogged down with all the latest wealth
creators and niche products that hit the marketplace, mainly because there are
literally hundreds and hundreds launched on a weekly basis.

Up until now that is! ...

I have got to tell you about "Clickbank Demon" which I invested in two days
ago (Sun 24th April 2011). Now, I am pretty sure most online marketers have
come across this already and I am guessing here, but on first impressions,
you probably thought it was just another "outrageous hype", "wealth in a box",
"get rich quick" latest offering from Clickbank itself.

But after some investigation and research I was pleasantly surprised to find
it actually wasn't. I remember thinking it was odd, the salespage closing
with only one click ... wow (normally takes 5 clicks at the very least!).
After watching the sales pitch over and over I was struck by one thing that you
don't see in most sales videos, and that was, NO FALSE PROMISES!

So what does this software claim to do and how much does it cost?
In a nutshell, the software advertises up to three Clickbank affiliate links of
your choice, this in turn will hopefully lead to sales and it's all done for you

Now even I can see this saves anyone who seriously promotes Clickbank products
a great deal of time, effort and advertising expense.
The cost though doesn't come cheap, the introductory price for the first 250
licence holders is a one time payment of $197, this increases to $297 and $29.95
per month after the special offer closes.

So, to be perfectly honest, I am not in the habit of spending this amount of cash
on a product that may or may not work and I can't possibly tell you if this works
in such a short perod (2 days). But if this works like the creators claim, then the price is EXTREMELY cheap!

If you need to find out more about Clickbank Demon, or would like to ask me answer any questions you may have then feel free to contact me at
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