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Daddy always said
by Lovetra Sullivant

Folks try to show you all the time how easy it is to make money on the 'NET' and mention the 98% that struggle, not earning. It is true. A good majority of that 98 %, look around you, are complacent.

They are satisfied in jobs from 8 to 5, grab their pay and go play. They spend their days going around in a DAZE. Some put in an appearance and tell you how hard they worked. You have worked with them wondering why they haven't been fired Wasting money paid for wages on people who don’t help the company earn any money to pay their salary is a cause for bankruptcy..

So the Challenge becomes: How much effort, time and tenacity you are willing to apply to get over the learning curve to make money on the Internet? The idea of just a few clicks, and you don’t need any skills, or need to know anything about technology isn’t quite true. I suggest you start with the 10 K Challenge

YOU have to be more than willing to try, find a program to help you learn, gives you tools to use, teaches you how to market, where to advertise/promote/market and a product to market as well, then APPLY yourself to doing it.

Learning to ride a bike or roller-skating. How many hours did it take you to do that? It didn’t happen overnight. Did you practice enough to get fair, good, or mediocre at it. What does it take to be an Olympic Star?

It is ALL up to you!

This isn’t any different if you want gold you, work for it. The 10K Challenge gives you the tools, knowledge, checklists, where to’s, how to’s. All you have to do is apply time investing in yourself, stay focused and be a winner. Work, practice and keep on practicing until you get better. I Challenge you to show me you have what it takes to be a Gold Medalist at the 10K Challenge.
Gaylord Henry Sullivant: Work Ethics, How not to be Lazy
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