About Our Business 9 Reasons Why YOU Should Join DYP!

0) ZERO Attrition – One-Time Payment Structure
1) 1 Million! Where else can you get 1 million combined banner and text ads for just $10? ($15 including upgrade fee)
2) 2 Separate Streams of Income! Instant AND Monthly!
3) 3 Ways We Help You Earn! Built in Marketing System, Awesome Promotion Materials and Traffic Coop Available!
4) 4 is the basis of our Structure! 4x1 Path 1 – each path is 4X larger than the previous one! 4X7 Monthly Path!
5) 5 dollar upgrade fee gets you started! Bonus product for upgrading!
6) 6! – Count them - SIX Ways to Get Paid by DYP!
7) 7 Paths to Discover – Each With Their Own Unique Valuable Products!
8) Because We Said “PLEASE?”!

Check it out today! PLEASE?!
Name: DecideYourPath
City: Galesburg
Zip: 61401
Country: United States
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