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Diversify Your Income Stream at Home!
by Bob Clark

Developing your online income is one of the main things you should know when you have a website. Let’s say 90 percent of your website profit come mostly from Google Adsense and your account got suspended. What would you do if you lose 90 percent of your website’s revenue?

For most people, it would be very difficult to recover. So if you have a website, vary your earnings by not only utilizing Pay Per Click sponsors, but perhaps use a Direct Leads sponsor, a “cost per action” sponsor, or by promoting products or services and be paid a commission for it.

One of the simplest methods for a beginner to start producing money on the web that is fast and easy is through CPA (cost per action) Marketing!In order for one to bring in money, this type of affiliate marketing requires the consumers to complete a certain action that the advertisers would want them to do. So what exactly is CPA marketing, how does it work and how does one make use of it to earnbig bucks? Essentially, you act as a traffic broker and CPA networks are the middlemen. make money online home based business

For the leads you make, you earn a commission from that specific advertiser. The main difference with the typical affiliate marketing and CPA marketing is that there is no need to make a sale to get paid. You have to merely convince the consumers to click on your advertisement and do as the advertiser would like them to do, such as signing up for a free trial or make an email subscription. It is always easier to get a first-time buyer to provide personal data or visit the website of a company (especially when there’s a free sample or product that comes with it) than make a purchase. make money online home based business

Therefore, with CPA marketing it is easier to make a conversion. Because it’s so profitable, CPA marketing can be very competitive. Diversifying your online income also includes opening other sites. Now, I have quite a few websites that I get income from. Almost 4 months back, Google banned one of my websites from their search engine! make money online home based business

This is not an unusual incident amongst Online Marketers. Apparently my website had numerous outgoing links to sponsor ads and they considered it a “link farm”. Just then, I was making around $1000 a month for that website.Imagine what could have happened if I didn’t have my other sites to pick up the slack? make money online home based business

Another way to expand your sites is to have a number of them on different servers. These days, it’s cheap to host a website. Let’s suppose you throw one or two of them up on a $5.99 a month server and pay for a year’s worth of hosting, then you’re on the right track. Aside from the search engine benefits, you also need not worry if one of your servers will go down. So remember to diversify your income and you’ll be glad when you’re having a slow sales month on one of your affiliate programs, all of the other ones may just pick up the slack!

make money online home based business

To Your Success,

Bob Clark
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