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Double Up Dollars
by Patrick Mauchant


Welcome to the world of Double Up Dollars.

The first of its kind online program that allows every person a chance to better the lives of themselves and those that they love.

We are different than any other program out there for one simple reason,

We acknowledge the fact that you can’t sell, don’t like to sell, don’t want to sell and therefore probably will fail at most programs because they require selling.

We try to address the fact that many of you Network Marketing “Junkies” will just go from program to program thinking this one will be better when in fact, you couldn’t, didn’t, and just plain wouldn’t do the things that were required of the last program (sales),

And probably won’t do it on the next program.

So you float endlessly back and forth to the program of the month,

Each time thinking maybe this one might be different.

But it ends up the same.

You couldn’t, wouldn’t, didn’t sell in the last program and you still won’t on the next one.

I sometimes wonder why you keep at it, lol!

You keep at it because there is something you see in the theory of network marketing that is just appealing to you. The idea of profiting off a small piece of the labor of 1000 is better than getting 100% of the profits of your labor alone.

Especially when you can combine that with the possibility of helping others towards a better future.

Because you understand the theory behind this, you keep searching for the one program that will work for you.

Double Up Dollars is the program that will work for you.

The reason that we think that it can is because instead of glossing over the things you hate and masking them behind “wonder products” and fabulous compensation plans,

We tackle your problems head on.

We teach you to outsource your sales instead of ignoring the fact that in some way, selling is a requirement of every legitimate network marketing program out there.

Let’s face it,

Nobody makes any money in any program until something gets sold.

If nothing gets sold, no money is brought into the program or to you.




Do you think that this one HUGE thing might have made a difference in the other programs that you tried and failed at?

Outsourcing is the key

It is the one missing element that would have given you success in almost any program that you have ever joined. If you could have outsourced your sales and recruiting to either an outside agency or a mechanical device, instead of failure, you could have received a nice fat check in the mail.

After all, what is required of most network marketing programs,

Sponsoring and selling

The stuff we all hate most.

Well, it’s required in this program too, but instead of doing it yourself, we teach you to outsource it to people who love to do it.

We also provide you with a sponsoring tool called


Oasis is the most technically advanced online sponsoring tool in the world

When you are a member of the Double Up Dollars Program,

You will automatically receive your very own Oasis which you can use to sponsor new people into your organization and to get new students for the Online Entrepreneurial Academy.

You will also be connected into the UTOPIA Company.

UTOPIA is an outsource recruiting company that you can use to fill in blank spots in your organization and downlines organization and may be used in conjunction with your OASIS sponsoring tool.

When you add everything together, Double Up Dollars becomes the only online marketing program that makes sense for you.

The biggest problems of all online/network marketers is now solved.

Recruiting and sales can no longer hold you back because you will now have the tools to make these network marketing nightmares into pleasant dreams.

While you are sleeping or out “playing”


Are working for you day and night 24 hours a day.

You have made the right choice.

You are exactly where you wanted to be.

Welcome to Double Up Dollars Skype patrick6666667 telephone 6285711278506
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