About Page Empowr is a social media platform that shares many similarities with the popular Facebook.
What is Empowr?
by Empowr

Empowr is a free social media platform that has been carefully designed to enable people to build and monetize (which means earn from) a large network of fans, starting with no outside capital.

There are many optional products and services for sale on empowr, available mostly from other community members, but the basic product is offered or use without charge.

Users (called citizens on empowr) can earn via a multitude of knowledge-based roles, including from the views of their photos, videos, status updates and blogs.

Citizens can also sell virtually any product or service; or assist in a variety of roles with the promotion, distribution, reselling, education or dispute management relating to the sale of most products and services available in the empowr marketplace.

In addition, they can earn by assisting in the growth of the empowr economy, by working as teachers or success coaches to other members of the community.
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