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Financial Freedom in 10 Workable Steps
by Marilynn Dawson,

Everyone wants financial freedom, but most are not prepared to do what it takes to get there. Many financial gurus out there make a mint selling their self-help how-to's to this crowd, giving reams of information on how to achieve this. As a single mother who received no child support or alimony following divorce and custody of two small children, I have experience where many educators do not.

A couple years ago, I wrote a course teaching the student how to get a solid handle on their household budget, taking 5 weeks at just one hour per day going through and analyzing how they spend their money, identifying needs versus wants, discovering "found money", paying down debts and coming out the other side with healthier finances. That course is entitled: The Poor Man's Budget: A 5 Week Course - learning to live within your means. It consists of an instructor's manual, a student workbook, and a three month journal. These are all available from Amazon if you have Amazon Prime and appreciate free shipping. They are also available direct from me at a special combination price listed ONLY in a recent discovery of my own.

This discovery came as a result of an experiment I began with earning Bitcoin for free, back in February 2017. That experiment was successfully completed in January 2018 when I made a couple purchases using a BTC pre-paid debit card. Immediately after those purchases, the large credit card companies behind the pre-paid cards realized they were facilitating the intersection of digital currency with everyday life and shutdown their offerings. At the same time however, companies were already rising up offering brick and mortar stores ways to accept BTC at the checkout counter. In addition, websites such as allow for the purchase of gift cards using BTC for many places where people often shop or eat out.

Because of the success of that experiment, I came up with the 10 Steps to Financial Freedom presentation over on Slideshare. If you click through to the end of this presentation, you will see my bonus offer where my budgeting course is available, all three books, for $27, shipping included.

I would encourage you, if you are serious about wanting financial freedom, to check out both the presentation, and the budgetting course. There is no fee necessary to put the 10 step plan into action. There is no obligation to buy the course. As a struggling single mother for my children's entire growing up years, I know that not everyone can claim even $5 to their name at times. Therefore it was important for me to come up with a system that could be done completely free, only asking for a time commitment to work the system to it's fullest extent. But when the time comes and you have the cash in hand, the budgetting course will ensure that the money you earn from following my 10 steps to financial freedom will be used wisely in your home to meet your particular needs, and maybe even reward you with extras here and there.

The link to that presentation is here:

I look forward to hearing of your financial transformation.
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