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For All Asian PTC Clickers
by Albert DLima

The Truth about PTCs

I am most probably going to lose my free membership to all the PTC sites that I have, but here goes!

I have joined at least 10 sites and paid for a membership for 1 month or 1 year. I have learnt the following :

1. There is no such thing as an HONEST ADMIN. Just because they pay does not make them honest! Even with paid membership I cannot recoup my money in the month or year. So where is the honesty in that ?

2. The Admin is in business to make money. He gets money from the advertisers and then gives US, only .001 cent or worse .0001 cent. I do not understand why they do this or how much the advertiser pays. My contention is if the advertiser is a CHEAPO then it is not worth watching or clicking that advertisement!

3. I have only two or three sites where I have paid for a year, and once that gets over, I will revert to FREE membership, which I have done with the other sites where I had paid for a month.

4. Even the so called Honest Admin kills the Free member, by giving him or her LESS than 5 cents per day. They have MORE ads paying .0001 or .0005 cents that are not worth clicking. I DO NOT click these ads at all.

5. Please remember. The Admin is in business BECAUSE or you and me who click the ads. If we do not click ads, then he or she is OUT OF BUSINESS. So here is my suggestion to the Admins :

a. The minimum return for clicking should be 5 cents / day. This enables the clicker to get to ONE $ after 20 days and the CASHOUT at $5 in 100 days. If a clicker is clicking for 3 months then $5 is the minimum he should be paid!

b. NO .0001 or .0005 cent ads. If the advertiser cannot pay for the ads then let them GO.

c. Timing has to be adjusted to MAXIMUM 10 secs for a .001 cent ad and MAX 15 to 20 seconds for a .005 cent ad. A .01 cent or more ad can be 30 seconds MAXIMUM. Else we have Grandbux even showing us ads for 0 cents and probably charging advertisers for it.

d. ALL ads should have a status bar AND a Seconds TIMER like AD mimsy does. Neobux pays but does not have a timer or a status bar.

e. All ads can be shown and the timer operates ONLY when the page is on focus. I am with the Admin on this!

f. SO CLICKERS, stop clicking .0001 or .0005 ads. If NO ONE clicks them, then the Admin will be forced to cancel or do away with those ads.


Let me get down to specific sites now :

This site gives a FREE member around 1 cent/day, with a cashout of $7. This will take nearly TWO years to make A CASHOUT. Is this Blackmail on the Admin’s part to get money from the clicker ? Plus the only ads available are .001 and .0011 and the .0005 cent ones! I cannot understand HOW this site is rated as No 1 or 2 on the EMS page! :

This is the Grandaddy of them all. The site actually has 0.0 value ads. Probaly the Admin is charging advertisers, or else everyone would opt for that! PLUS the 0.005 cent ads are around 30 seconds and the 0.001 ads are around 20 seconds! This site gives a FREE member around 2 to 3 cents per day with a cashout of $5. So cashout time will be around 450 days! Also on the EMS page, this site is rated as No1 or 2. Possibly, the rating is fixed ?

Paid to :

Though this site had all ads at 3 seconds, it gives a free member ONLY 1.2 cents on most days with a cashout of $5. This means that cashout time will be around 416 days.

I fell for the spiel of the birthday celebration and invested $75 (around INR 4,900) for a one year membership + 5 Drs and 20 RRs. I jacked up the RRs to 70 by paying more, but the RRs were not satisfactory at all. Of the 5 DRs 1 last cliked in June, 1 last clicked in July, and 1 has NOT CLICKED AT ALL. When I protested to the admin (SAM) he replied that he does not control the DRs or RRs, which I find difficult to believe! Who would take the trouble to log in and click ONLY ONE AD ? This is one site which has confirmed me as a FREE member, because he gives me only a MAX of 12.3 cents/day. Most days it is 12.1 cents. At this rate, I will never make my $75 during the year, and I am DAMNED if I am going to invest any more money. I have 6 ads or 02 cents, 3 of .001 cent, 9 of .0005 cent and 56 of .0001 cent. This is on Aug. 24th, 2015. wants me to recycle RRs AND PAY FOR them. If I want to delete RRs or change those who do not click, I HAVE TO PAY. And this is a so called Honest Admin. I have a mail from their support team which says that some FREE members earn $1,000/- without investment.. Then why did I only get $18.23 + Paypal deductions after investing $80 ?

I have just seen an ad specifying $11.90/day for fixed ads on Neobux and Clicksense. So if they are getting so much from the advertisers, why are the ads worth only .001 cent ? BTW, Clicksense has all .001 cent ads except for ONE 0.1 cent ad! The admin must be a millionaire by now!

Most sites give an average of 3 cents/day. This should go up to 5 cents for FREE members. Paid memberships should be able to recoup their money in the period of membership.

That’s it for now. Will post rejections, if any in my next post.

This is in continuation of my previous post. Today I want to dwell on the subject of HOW the so called Honest Admin takes us for a ride! The problem is that the Admin is more bothered about the Advertisers tanthe Clickers! So you have Admins teling you that it is a 10 second advertisement, and telling the Advertisers that it is a 11 second advertisement. Most of us don't realise this because we do not pay attention! The countdown from 10 to 0 is ACTUALLY 11 seconds! So this is the first way that you are being fooled! Now you might say “What is the problem with one second?” Nothing much, except that if you click on more than 10 sites every day, it starts to hurt!

With the Broadband costs in Asia, most of us have slow internet connectivity. So after the 11 seconds, there is a “Please Wait” message, and you can keep looking at the Advertisement. If you close the page then the Advertisement link does not disable. If you click it again, you get a message saying “You have already clicked this ad in the last 24 hours: or something to that effect. Since this is the case, I do not see WHY the script developer cannot disable the advertisement.

By the way, you must realise that the Admins DO NOT TRUST the clickers. That is why they have so many Captchas and other methods to avoid robot clickers. Even if you could afford to get a robot clicker, I do not think that they are that good to bypass all the Security built into the site by the script developer and the Admin!

I would like all of you to reuest the Admins for the following :

1. Put in a status bar for each advertisement. A lot of sites do it, but some like Neobux does not.
2. Along with the status bar put in a second count also, like Clicksense. This way you would know really whether the Admin is honest.
3. DISABLE the advertisement once the Captcha is clicked, or have a CLOSE button which will close the page, like Neobux!

To be continued...

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