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Free & Viral traffic tools
by Rodolfo Santos

Most of internet marketers know that on the net are avaible several ways to promote their websites, sell websites, affiliate programs, blogs, videos on youtube or any link that advertize their services or products.
So, marketers take a place on safelist, whitelist, traffic exchange websites, emailmarketing, social marketing, blogging, microblogging, banners exchange etc, but these kind of sites demand lot of time and big effort to get credits (or user need buy credits to advertize their websites).

Then, while most big is a list that people join, most time and effort they need to spend on those sites to get credits and use them to send their ads.
There are some methods that no is required so time as effort to gain ranking on the net, these sites are like multilevel programs but with advertizing services.

These sites are listed as sumary on the next blog, so, is very important pay atention and use them to benefit from their advertizing services and the better part: for free
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