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FREE Bitcoin!! Yes, Really!! FREE!!
by David Maxwell (

For some reason I have always been interested in Bitcoin. I know, I know, there are hundredes of Bitcoin opportunities out there and I have looked at most of them. They all promise Bitcoin, but they all turned out to be just the same. They promise to make us rich, cost to join and payment is in Bitcoin, but they just didn't cut it.

The opportunity I was looking for wouldn't cost any money up-front and would pay out either in Bitcoin or dollars at some point.

Well, after a lot of searching, I finally found it. It is called Computta and it doesn't cost a penny.

Basically, a software program is downloaded onto your computer, laptop or other device (it MUST run Windows) and the software runs in the background. I run it flat out on 2 computers and it hasn't affected the operation of my other work (speed, etc.) at all. It might on some computers, but the software has power options that you can choose for your own best operating conditions.

It generates a small amount of Bitcoin on each computer The more computers you install the software on, the more money you can make.

Once you start it, bitcoin is generated automatically and when you have accumulated 10mBTC (an m is 1/1000 of a Bitcoin), you can cash out. Currently, Bitcoin is worth around $3700 USD, so you can cash out at $37 USD. You set up a "Wallet" that Bitcoin can be transferred to and from there into an account of your choice.

There is an MLM or network component to this (completely optional, if you choose to promote it). If you do, you can make substantially more money.

If this is of any interest to you, you can check it out by clicking or copy and paste the link in the address bar of your browser.
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