Funky Shark  
About Page Funky Shark is a Penny Auction site and a business opportunity that pays bonuses for referrals, buying bids, wining auctions and much more!
What is Funky Shark?
by Max Jacobs

Funky Shark is a penny auction with a unique business opportunity attached to it.

There are many penny auction opportunities online. Some are good and some are not so good. AND some are nothing more than money games that are doomed to fail before they really get going.

Funky Shark is the only one that offers real, long-term, sustainable, passive income from company auction profits.

Not only is Funky Shark paying one time finders fee for new members, but also paying monthly residual income every time members renew their membership.

And that is only the beginning!

The opportunity pays:
1. a percentage of bid pack purchased by members
2. a percentage of the retail value of every item members win in the penny auctions
3. a percentage of company-wide profits that result from the penny auctions
4. a 10-40% matching bonuses on all of the auto-ship bid pack purchases and Auction Profit Share Bonuses up 5 generations.

You get three web sites from which you can refer people to the Funky Shark Penny Auction and business opportunity.

But referring members is totally optional. You can simply collect your monthly bid pack on auto-ship and be automatically qualified as Alpha, Bronze, or Silver without lifting a finger!

We are talking 100% PASSIVE INCOME from Auction Profits!!
Check out the opportunity and sign up NOW while Funky Shark is in pre-launch.

The sooner you build your network, the better prepared you will be to make money when the Auction Sites is launched!
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