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What's All the Buzz About Term Insurance with Living Benefits?
by Wendy Hershey, Transamerica Life Agent

“What is this new type of term insurance that has living benefits at no extra cost?”

People of all ages are wondering what living benefits has to do with term life insurance. Isn’t life insurance just for when you die?

Most people have never heard of living benefits. The vast majority of people with term insurance coverage have what I call, “Old School Term Insurance.” This is the outdated traditional type of coverage that pays only when you die. The only type of benefit these policy owners associate with life insurance is a death benefit…and that’s not something people like to think about too often.

What if there were a new type of term insurance that pays you money for life events other than death? People like that innovative idea because most have experienced events in life, such as a chronic illness or a disability, and know the financial devastation that can result.

Here is the good news!

There is a type of term life insurance that will offer you early access to policy benefits to help pay your bills should you become stricken with a chronic, critical or terminal illness — even if you already have health insurance or Medicare coverage. We call these policy benefits “Living Benefits.” It’s like having 5 separate types of insurance coverage all wrapped up into one comprehensive term policy at an unbelievable rate.

Check out the “Living Benefits” buzz today and see what you’ve been missing!
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