Google Loves Dofollow Links  
About Page Dofollow and Nofollow . Google seems to invent / patent everything , and their algorithm places weight on pagerank , and also dofollow.
Google Loves Dofollow Links
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In a nutshell dofollow is counted as link juice and passes this juice accordingly to any site that it links to. If you are not obtaining backlinks from sites that send you a dofollow link you are not being counted as a link and Google will ignore it.

The only way this happens is if someone is using this code in their link pointing to your site:

You can usually check this by clicking in your browser > view > page source and see if your backlink has the nofollow script, if it does then your link is considered not important to Google.
Having said that nofollow is not totally useless, Yahoo and Bing do not see this as any different as their algorithm does not imply this code.

You want to make sure that your site still has some nofollow backlinks to appear to be natural to Google. If Google see you only have high pagrank links it can raise alarm bells , so always remember to mix up your sites backlinks with nofollow as well but make sure the majority are dofollow for maximum results.
For more info, and a video , check out -
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