About Page “Gravy” is money earned while promoting your primary business, which you are going to do anyway, right?
You Must Have a Primary Business?
by Rick Mathews

“Gravy” is money earned, for example over $1K per month in our cases, while promoting your primary business, which you are going to do anyway, right?

So this does not count the money you earn in your primary business, but only the extra income you earn

by default Thus I call it … “Gravy”.



STEP ONE – Your Primary Business.

Number one most Important, you must have a primary business.

Your primary business is the one thing that you do always.

Regardless of everything else In other words, you are committed to your primary business, lock, stock and barrel.

You are sold on it, period.

Everyone whom you come in contact with must know it, for example, we had a local dentist whose primary program was excel and everybody in town knew her as “Excel Ellen”.

This works for online or brick and mortar businesses, just think of the people you know in your town whom you identify with their primary business judge, sheriff, doctor, banker, barber, plumber, electrician, realtor, etc, nobody is confused about what they consider their primary business.


I have been committed to FAFY AIOP TEAM BUILD for over 1 Year as my primary business meaning to say, I promote it first, before all others, i know all about it, and as evidence of my commitment to my primary business, I refuse to join anything with anybody who is not first a member of my downline in FAFY AIOP TEAM BUILD

Conversely, if your primary business changes monthly, weekly or daily, everybody knows it and you are only fooling you if you don’t understand that!

people say, here comes ol what’s his name, wonder what he’s pitching this week, wonder what happened to his last – latest, greatest deal, not to mention all the poor folks he talked into it.

In other words, what your grandma told you, you have to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything, so – commit to something.


Because of it’s integrity, longevity, residual income, weekly Pay, and much more, but you must find your “FAFY AIOP” or people will get tired of seeing you coming.

STEP TWO – You Must Advertise!

Listen, if you think you can be truly successful online without advertising, Quit Now.

you are not going to make it, ever, unless you learn who, what, where, why and how to advertise, you gotta advertise, period, or your business will die a slow death, so, why not get paid to advertise your primary business?

This is exactly how a few of us are earning hundreds of dollars monthly!

The money is not coming from trying to make money advertising, but from advertising our primary business and the money follows so, we are making money by default, in the process of promoting our primary business now, trust me on this, you can’t do that with just any advertising, but you can, and a few of us do, choose to do it.


Every one of your customers who chooses to make money with advertising (like you are doing) will be in your sales force, within a few months you could have 100’s of people in your sales force every time any one of them makes a sale you get paid!

It’s always about the product advertising - FREE ADVERTISING FOR YOU

STEP THREE – You Must Learn To Earn!

When you were born, did the people in the delivery room look at you and say, “oh, ok, this one’s an internet marketer”, of course not.

you were not born anything, you have to learn. right?

If you think you know all about internet marketing … Quit Now.

If you think there is something else you can learn or another tool you might be able to use, going forward, or if you are like me, and you have people ask you every day, how to do this or that, then do as I have done for over 8 years now …

Send them to the person who can help them!

Then … get paid for sending them!

I can’t tell you the number of times somebody has said, what about autoresponders, what about hosting, a conference room, etc, and I simply say to them, sure, no trouble at all.

Then they go, they like, they learn, they join for free, they like what they are offered there, they love the live, in person, teaching, training, help, support, back up and tools, so they join as a free, easy biz, team lgt, gold or platinum member, and i’ve been paid every month for over 8 years!

As one fellow whom I sent there said, LEAD GENERATING TOOLS, with its one-stop-shop for inspiration, tools, training and services for a newbie to an expert, starting from free, with live support, is simply incredible. that’s what separates LEAD GENERATING TOOLS from all others!

So - Go Here and learn at no cost to you.

Refer others, then as they upgrade and you get paid, you can then upgrade out of profit, not out of pocket, and you can do the same as me, or better!

Why not?

STEP FOUR – You must rinse and repeat

Others are doing this and earning big money, It is not rocket science, requires only focus.

IF you keep doing this and you do not ever quit, on or before your first year is up, there is no reason in the world you should not be earning at least 1K per month, right?

Listen, it is up to you, nobody is going to do it for you, this is so easy that all you use is one finger, If you can point and click – you’re in business,

We have people doing this earning 5k a day, what’s your excuse?

Don’t just sit there, what’s stopping you, were open 24 hours a day, get started – right now!

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