How Body Building is like growing a business  
About Page Body Building is like growing a business in that you need to keep pushing yourself to grow bigger
How Body Building is like growing a business
by Dave Gardner

How Body Building is like growing a business.

Body Building is like growing a business in that you need to keep pushing yourself to grow bigger.

If you were a body builder, do you think that your muscles would get any bigger if you maxed out your lifting at 50 pounds for example. Of course they wouldn't. You would need to consistently increase your load and feel stressed or uncomfortable in the process.

Perhaps you would feel tired and sore afterword, but continually working at it leads to this additional weight feeling normal. Then you ramp it up again.

The same concepts hold true in building your business and growing your brand. You can not continue to do the same thing and continue to get the same result.

People in the real world want to be entertained in many methods, so just advertising to them one way might lead to them becoming bored or not even recognizing your brand any more.

You have to stretch yourself and get uncomfortable for a while in order to start seeing growth...Just like the body builder did.

Are you ready for some pains and failures?

It is almost guaranteed that you will fail along the way, however, small failures may lead to massive success.

I would much rather fail with a $10-$50 ad placement and change my ad copy, image, headline or some other important piece, than failing with a $5000 ad or $1500 billboard (that most likely will not get noticed anyway).

When I have small failures, I can fix them easily without much pain and even fail a couple more times along the way and still be better off than what I might experience had I went with the more expensive ad in the beginning.

Little by little, you see growth and over time it starts to become exponential Sort of like compounding your interest when investing. It is the continuous addition of material, content, money etc., into your business that leads to the massive growth.

Rapid growth may be great, however it often leads to a massive crash if you are not set up to handle the growth in your business. If you steadily increase it and keep your customers happy, you may just be better off than if 1000 new ones showed up at your door for a new sale and you were not ready with the available stock, thus leaving a large proportion of this group unhappy.

All you have to do is start, or continue, to take action. We can almost guarantee NO success if you do not take any action, though your success when you do take action can almost be unlimited.

So step out of your comfort zone today and continue to educate yourself on ways to make your business better, whether it is an online marketing venture, or a brick and mortar physical location.

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It is all about stretching yourself to grow more in your business. Just like the body builder, you have to keep adding more to your plate a little at a time to really see the results in the end, assuming you want to do it legally and ethically, of course.
Dave Gardner lifted weights once in a while and saw the benefits to helping his athletic career. He uses that same aspect of consistently stepping out of his comfort zone to grow his business. If you want to find out how he does it, visit him at to get on his newsletter and pick up his free mastermind book
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