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Getting Started With MLM and On-line Opportunities!
by Kymm Reynolds

This is HOW we BEGIN!


If you are here I guess you are thinking about or have just started out in this AMAZING world of Internet Marketing.Well let me start by wishing you every success!!!
Just make sure you have all the right equipment for the job at hand.
First you need to decide on a USERNAME maybe 2, but you should try to stick to the same basic USERNAME just add numbers if you need to distinguish between separate accounts etc. This also makes them easier to remember. YES, your name is okay to use if you can't think of anything else memorable.
I use kymmandco(1/2/3/4/5/6 etc). You will probably see it or my FULL NAME Kymm Reynolds all over the net.
I have only been on-line for around 14 months and people are already recognizing me, and joining with me just because they know my name. It's that SIMPLE!
On-line, people get to know and trust you through the name you use so if you change it too often you will NEVER get noticed.
That bit is simple enough, right?
Pick a USERNAME, easy. That's your TAG. Your on-line identity.
Believe it or not that is the one most POWERFUL tool you ever need to possess on-line.
Now you MUST do this next bit before you even think about doing anything else.
You will NEED to set up 3 gmail accounts...
You will need a PROGRAM gmail address. (When you are ready to get started and join MLM or opportunity programs use this address, you will only receive program updates and notifications of referrals and commissions to this address)

You will need a LIST gmail address (You ARE going to join hundreds of Ad Exchange sites Safelists, Mailers etc because you ARE going to have to advertise your programs and oppotunities. (No Sponsoring Required is a falicy, many programs state this, but unless they are promoted they ARE going to FAIL).

You will need a CONTACT gmail address (many Safelists and Ad Exchanges like to have a second address where they can contact you with updates and sometimes their own or upgraded members' recommendations etc)

NEVER use your main email address (your personal friends and family one or the one you use for your online banking etc), be VERY aware that you WILL be giving your contact details to STRANGERS.
You WILL be spammed and sent a million offers that you really just need to ignore.
There are a lot of immoral and untrustworthy people out there too, that will try to trick you into giving them your bank details etc. NEVER reply to or click any links in these types of mails no matter how genuine they look. If you are concerned, open a new tab in your browser and log in to your accounts to check them.
I suggest doing this even if the emails are genuine anyway.
That is the main point I wanted to make.
Ignore ALL uninvited offers and NEVER click any links inside mails from your accounts, genuine or not.
Okay then, I think you are ready to GO!!!
Oh yeah, passwords. Think of a few of these too. Must be easy to remember but totally different from the ones you might use for bank accounts etc. Again you can add numbers to a stem password (ie. kymm1975 my name and year of birth) You should NOT use anything so simple though as it is too easy for people to guess. Your mother's maiden name and birthdate, anything you can remember but no-one else knows.

How EASY was that?
You now have everything you will ever need to make it on-line.
All FREE, nothing out of pocket as yet.

That my friend is totally up to you...
I can suggest many programs and hundreds of advertising providers, but I have my favourites, and things that I wouldn't touch. Once you get out there you will have yours too. We are ALL different.
What I AM going to do now is send you to MY own two TAEs (remember to sign up with your LIST gmail account as my members have many offers for you and you will want to keep all offers together.
Read them at your leisure, click the links to see if you like the look of the program or advertising site. Then join up if you think it is something you can do.
Join these 2 Ad Exchanges by clicking their names below...
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