Improving Business and Life  
About Page If People Want to Do Business and Improve their Business-or Conduct and Improve Life in General they Must Unfocus - Immediately!
Improving Business and Life
by Walter Paul Bebirian

If people think to even to do any business and want to improve their businesses - they must learn to talk with other people and that means as many other people as possible - no longer does it make any sense to limit the people whom you speak with and to focus on communicating with only certain types of people - instead it is imperative that everything changes within your preconceived and learned patterns and you totally drop the patterns that you have been using for most of your life - this type of action will no longer work and instead will work against you and your every effort - instead there are many different sources of good business in the world all around you - sometimes right in front of you - and sometimes in foreign lands - but they are there and there is no reason whatsoever to say that business is bad or the economy is bad of whatever so many people focus on so often - this will get no one nowhere - instead UNFOCUS must be the order of the day and perhaps from now on until eternity since the focus directive leaves too much of everything untouched and waiting to be worked with - and no one - no business - no country - can afford any longer to do business - life - anything this way any longer - think about this - think about this some more - and begin the change to un-focus immediately - if this is really a socially oriented playing field then the business person - the individual including anyone in any field of endeavor must become - transform - play social and that means relating socially with every one possible that they come in contact with - look at all of that potential which passes you by every single moment of every single day - and start to interact with the people that are there - differently -
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