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About Page I believe with all my heart that this is the way to go when helping others either by Paying It Forward or listing a Charity to be supported.
Have you seen the Light?
by Jerry Van Horssen

You can help you’re Favorite Charity or Charities grow in 2012.

Making FORTUNES ONLINE with common sense approaches! David Preston is World Light Funding Corporate business consultant working for each of us.

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Benefit from Internet's heaviest hitters like David Preston and Michael T. Glaspie!

Join World Light now and receive in your back office interviews recorded by David Preston and Mike Dodd with Willie Crawford, Michael Worthington, Alan Bechtold, Susan Preston, Dani Schafer, Jim Miller and Jane Mark all members of World Light.

What do these people know about World Light that you don’t?

If your going to market online why not learn from the best!

Make money with great coaching and support!

Would you be willing one time to Spend $59.00 to Help the Poor and Needy and along the way possibly Make A Life Changing Income?

This site is managed by Honest People and Supports Your Charities.

See it all here and join us for an exciting 2012...
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