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Goal Setting How to Set Goals Like a Leader

Ever wondered why some people get the most from their goal settings job and others don't? Well, the reason is people who accomplish their goals do it the leaders' way, and that, in my opinion, is the best way to do it. So, how do these leaders do it? Read on to know that!
Be Specific, Numerical

I want to be rich soon and I want to make $1 million by end of 2012 you see the difference in the clarity of goals? When you are specific and numerical, everything becomes a lot clearer and you can, in a way, determine how much efforts would be required. So, if you want to improve your productivity, don't set something like Goal = Improve productivity. Rather, set it as Goal = work 10 hours instead of 9 hours or write 10 articles per day instead of 8/day.
Be Realistic

Whenever speak of goals, what most do not realize is that they need to be realistic in their goal settings. Obviously, setting a goal of making a billion dollar company in one year is more impractical than building a similar company in 5-6 years. Try not to set goals according to your own assumptions, rather than set them according to the previous record and the current progress. Also, check your current ability to meet that particular target. This helps a lot, trust me!
Time It

Goals that are not bound by time constraint often consume more time than required. When you have the clock ticking continuously, you can stay motivated. Therefore, the best way to get maximum results and even exceed the set goals is to bind them with deadlines. When you meet the goal before the deadline, you can work harder and exceed your set targets, which is quite incredible.
Monitor Closely

Monitoring your goals time and again simply allows you to take control of the entire task. With it, you can either increase the pace of the work accordingly. This is a trait of a true leader; in fact, many corporate companies work on this principle they set goals and monitor them keenly. According to the status of the work, they motivate their employees, so in short, monitoring the task is extremely crucial. Period! To conclude, goal setting is as essential as a business plan or a marketing plan, but the crux of it lies in thinking like a leader and undertaking the above steps. Go for it!
No individual would ever want to listen to anything boring. So, whatever you talk about whether it is about a company, a product, a service, or about anything else, persuasive talks is what matters the most. One thing is clear, the more interesting way of conveying things; the better it is for marketing.
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