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by Switchtoecig

If you are an internet marketer or someone who has been thinking of becoming one lately, you might be wondering why electronic cigarettes of all things and what's in it for you.
Let me just point out three facts here:

1. E cigarette affiliates are a part of an industry on the rise. I've been promoting e-cigs for a full year now and in the meantime have heard about a number of startups, seen dozens of new sites, read hundred of related articles etc. The industry is getting bigger with each passing week. The interest is growing and so is the competition, both online and offline.

That's why electronic cigarette industry needs affiliates. They need you, so they are committed to treating you well. They'll give you everything you need for a good start, including free products for testing and for giveaways. And they'll help you all along the way.

2. Electronic cigarette is a repeated purchase product. If you get affiliated with merchants selling high quality products who pay recurring commissions, you can expect their customers to come back and buy again at regular intervals!

That's where you make your passive money. You have nothing to do with these customers whatsoever and each time they buy a new kit or refills, you make money.

I'm not even going to start talking about tiers and tier commission.

3. E cigarette affiliates get relatively high commissions. Much, much more than Amazon's 4-6%, I assure you. The ones I'm working for pay anywhere between 10 and 30%, most of them between 15 and 25%.

Like I said, this is an industry on the steady rise - number of smokers turned e-cig users is still well below 10% and it's been growing in US and EU since 2006.

How do I know it will grow, why am I so sure? Well, just consider this - in my family, all four of us turned from smokers to e-cig users (vapers). Nobody put a gun on our heads to do it. We transitioned from harmful addiction to far less harmful hobby.

That is not to say all smokers will start vaping in the years and decades to come, but it clearly shows that electronic cigarettes are much more effective than all NRTs put together when it comes to quitting tobacco for good.

Having said all this, I've been making money promoting e-cigs, so this works. But this is not easy money, unlike many are led to think.

You've got to do a lot of research and that part is only the beginning.

That's why I am writing all this – to provide you with a shortcut through a huge pile of data, so you can have an easier start in what is, without any doubt, a thriving industry.
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