Learn How to Defy Your DNA  
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GENES No Longer Determine Your Destiny
by Zyto

Scientific research has shown that although we cannot choose our genetics, we do have the ability to influence which
of our genes get expressed. We have the ability to turn on genes which promote health, and turn off those which code
for illness and disease. The way we influence our genetic expression is surprisingly simple...our genes respond to our
toxicity level, to nutrition, and to stress.
Our goal is to help you create a lifestyle which helps you turn on healthy genes, and turn off genes which may
make you susceptible to illness or disease. We call it Defying Your DNA. Our holistic wellness approach empowers you to: DETOXIFY, and clean out your system
NOURISH and strengthen your body, and help you more effectively,
ADAPT to physical, emotional, and environmental stress.
Our intention is to go beyond symptom relief, to help you Defy your DNA to
actively create a lifetime of health and wellbeing for you and your family.
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