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About Page This page is about the mystery of CLICKBANK's "RB" Tag and what it can mean to your business . . .
How To Multiply Your Clickbank Commissions With Recurring Billing Products
by By Jo Han Mok, #1 bestselling author of “The E-Code”

If there's one thing I absolutely love more than
having a “Sale” show up in my ClickBank account, it’d
be a sale with the 2 alphabets “RB” tagged to it.

RB, in Clickbank parlance, stands for Rebill.

In other words, your profits do not end when your
customer made a purchase – he/she will continue to pay
for use of that product.

This is made possible with the introduction by
ClickBank of recurring billing products.

To the affiliate, this means ongoing sales and
commissions so that you get paid for months!

This is also one of my biggest secrets to being able
to rake in huge chunks of commissions, day after day,
week after week, and month after month with clockwork

When you start promoting “rebillling” products, you’ll
find that even though payments don't initially
increase each week, the beauty is they DON’T fall away
because of the monthly rebills that kick-in and keep
kicking in for you, and this in part creates a whole
lot more stability and predictability in income.

Real quickly…let’s take a look at affiliates can
easily locate hot “rebilling” products to promote.

Recurring billing products usually fall into two

--- Recurring Service/Use Of Tools

A great example would be services like web hosting,
article submissions, autoresponders, mailing list
management, or use of web-based software.

--- Recurring Content Delivery

A membership site would be a great example. This is a
subscription based website where customers pay for
access to content that is updated on a regular basis
like say “Ebook of the month”, “Success Interview
audio” etc.

Other examples could be access to forums and other
types of communities (i.e Online Mastermind Group,
Online Coaching Group), so on and so forth or a paid
newsletter model where customers with access to the
latest information about particular niche.

To locate recurring billing products to promote, all
you have to do is:

Step #1:
Visit the ClickBank Marketplace

Step #2:

Select the Category/Sub-Category of the product you
want and use the Narrow Results by Billing Type


Alternatively, you can elect to use Find Products at
the top of the page with Advanced Search and choose
the Billing Type as Recurring.

In addition to the usual Marketplace stats you will
find these metrics:

Avg Rebill Total $: is The average amount you stand to
make after the initial sale, i.e it is the total of
future rebills.

So it's a good indication of the subscriber’s
stickiness rate.

Avg %/rebill: The average commission rate earned on
rebills (excluding the initial sale).

These metrics will give you a good indication of the
‘economics’ which come with promoting the particular
recurring product and whether it’s worth promoting or

In summary: If you’re used to promoting products that
are “one shot” sales, you might want to explore the
possibility of introducing the promotion of recurring
billing products into your marketing mix as they
provide more long term financial leverage. Simply
follow the no brainer steps outlined in this article
to get started.
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