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Preventative Health Care for about $40 per month
by Ernie Denney aka canuck1960

The body is the best cure for itself. Drugs undermine the body's performance of self maintenance and healing. Think about, hair, teeth, digestion, circulation, aging, adrenalin...just a few things that the body does to itself for itself. Your brain is the master computer sending messages constantly to maintain or renew the body.
Natural help is available for the body to assist in the everyday process called life. Science has proven many times over the body is capable of curing all that ails it when fed the proper nutrients to maintain the daily processes of living. A new all natural product called Protandim has been proven by the medical science profession to aid the body in providing its self cure programming. Protandim works with the cells and the DNA to insure the proper balance is maintained for a healthier life.
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