New Opportunity  
About Page This looks like the opportunity of the century. everyone gets 4 weeks to decide if it's right for them.
Launch Day #1
by Johnny - miwjohn

In case you haven't already heard, there's a new
prelaunch company coming that's one of those things
people talk about for years.

More than 30 of the industry's biggest leaders are
already in and bringing in 10's of thousands of
people. This Prelaunch just kicked off yesterday
morning and there are now over 15,700 registered

The whole thing is kind of a secret. Although there are
some pretty serious bullet points that will no doubt
help you believe this is not your average prelaunch

- No Sponsoring Required In Order To Earn
- Break Even With Only 2 - Can Be From Sponsoring Or
From Spillover
- No Cap On Income, Even If You Are a Newbie or Are
Purely Passive
- Significant Monthly Residual - Again, Even for Being
- Huge Reward System for Leaders - This is a Game
- We've Taken 2 Popular Business Models, Stripped Away
All The Negatives, and Created a New, Never Before
Seen, Hybrid System Designed to Reward Everyone.
- Very affordable Price Point - Attracts The Masses
- Absolutely NO Company Breakage
- Company Pays Out 87.5% of All Revenues
- Massive Spillover During AND After PreLaunch
- The 98/2 Rule Will NOT Apply With This Model
- A Product Everyone Wants But Most Cannot Afford

This will not cost you a dime to secure your spot
while we wait for more information to be released. I
suggest you take a minute right now and make that
happen. The spillover is indeed massive right now.
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