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One dumb idea can make you rich . . . .
by Roger Herbert

I know you've heard the stories about this guy or that gal making millions online with a single dumb idea.

 Okay. Maybe it was a single good idea. After all, it filled their bank account with millions.

Take for instance the guy that auctioned Iceland on Ebay for 17 Million dollars. And to think that ebay got its start with the sale of a broken laser pointer.

 What about the hair stylist that sold Brittany Spears hair scraps online for a million bucks after Brittany used her clippers to shave herself bald?

 - - - And then there's Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, who just wanted to make college dating life a little bit easier...

And you swear it could be YOU too...

You have tons of ideas that could be the next big thing...

The only problem is - you have no idea how to get the money snow ball rolling. And every time you ask someone (who you know is making money online) for help - the only hand up you get is the one that says "Talk to the hand"...

Well I have something for you that just may turn your Next BIG Idea into an overnight internet money geyser.

It's the release of "Get Rich Click" - a brand new book by Marc Ostrofsky... his name is hard to pronounce, but all you really need to know is that his bank account balance is in the 7 figures - and he did it entirely online.

You see Marc is an eCommerce entrepreneur with credentials a mile long.

From his $7.5 million dollar sale of to his millions in annual revenue from websites like,, and, Marc is a real life success story of "That Guy" that makes his money online in his spare time - and it all started with "That One Idea"...

So what's your one "Big Idea"?

Whatever it is, Marc is living proof that whatever it takes to turn it into a full time income, can all be done without any technical skills to speak of and without ever creating a single website.


Here's What You'll Learn When You Get Your Copy of "Get Rich Click":

 * How to make money online using just a photo - requires no money up front!
 * How people are making money using, email, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube
 * How you can buy internet traffic for a few cents per visitor and re-sell it for 5x, 10x, even 25x that much
 * How to make full time income on eBooks that other people (who are already lined up waiting) will sell for you
 * How to make money on simple eCommerce sites that generate cash within hours of going live
 * How to generate leads for other websites and make a living in the Online "Lead Gen" business

 - Marc will even let you in on $500 of FREE advertising credits from sites like Google, Yahoo, Business.Com,, and FaceBook....

Marc knows what it's like for a person to have big money ideas, but no idea how to get started. Which is why he's anxious for you to get your hands on a copy of "Get Rich Click"...


This opportunity won't be around forever. Grab it while it's there for the grabbing or you might look back a year from now wishing you had a copy of "Get Rich Click"

And we both know, you don't want to be "That Person"...

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