Not All Water Is Created Equal  
About Page Not all water is created equal. Healthy water helps you balance your pH levels!
Not All Water Is Created Equal
by Fred Kaufmann

For optimal health, your body needs all 72 trace minerals every day to help balance your pH levels and protect you from the ravages of high acidity pH . . . even if you somehow managed to eat all the right foods you could only get trace amounts of about 8 critical minerals.

That's only a fraction of what your cells continually need!

With AquaLyte® you'll be empowered by 72 synergistic minerals, including:

Phosphorous: needed for cellular energy (ATP) and helps build DNA and RNA.
Zinc: Every aspect of cell health depends on zinc including protein production.
Iodine: Called the universal cellular nutrient, you need more than 100 times the RDA!
Selenium: A powerful cellular antioxidant that also helps enzymes form functional proteins
Iron: Helps normal brain and nerve function by transporting oxygen to cells.
Copper: Helps develop and sustain the immune system function and red blood cells.
Manganese: Another powerful antioxidant that protects mitochondria power centers.
Chromium: Needed for healthy cholesterol, heart cells and blood sugar regulation.
Molybdenum: An important catalyst for virtually all life forms.
Calcium: Vital to nerve, brain and heart function and for healthy bone density.
Magnesium: Key for energy production in cells, bone, nerve and cardiovascular health.
Boron: Helps cells use calcium and magnesium for healthy skin, joints and bones.
Cobalt: Works with vitamin B12, nickel and vitamin C for healthy heart cell receptors.

Plus 59 More Synergistic Trace Minerals Including Silver!

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