Old Hippie Photographer Finds Health Happiness With Isagenix  
About Page At 57 I was overweight, out of energy, feeling old...a chance meeting with a woman who lost 130 pounds on Isagenix changed my life.
Finding Fitness and Happiness As I Approach The Next Stage of Life
by Sherwood Martinelli, the Isagenix Guru

At almost 57 I was feeling tired, was overweight, and feeling lethagic, and ready for those years of seeing doctors, wearing bifocals, and perhaps getting a cane. It was not what I wanted, just what life seemed to be leading me to...part of me was hoping for one last GREAT ADVENTURE, but it was seeming unlikely. A chance meeting changed my outlook, my health, and my trajectory.

I have spent my adult life as an artist, some 20 years as a sculptor, my latest interest being photography as I work on capturing fading Americana with a digital lens. That said, a failing economy, fewer financial opportunities had seen me become somewhat of a couch potatoe as I sat on the living room sofa on my computer playing with images in Photoshop, watching CNN on the flatscreen TV...in short, life was passing me by.

Then by chance, I met Andrea Hameed, from Woodstock NY...a woman who had lost her husband tragically, who had receeded into herself and gained a lot of weight. You would not believe in meeting Andrea that she was a soul who had reached the end of her rope, was grasping at straws and had found a way from the precipice of the dark abyss and redefined herself at the age of 62...I am 57, and her story touched me, made me think. If she can do it, if she can find her way back, why can't I?

So what was her secret...in a word, Isagenix...a product, a way of life, a company, and one big large extended family of people who care about our world, about mankind. I wanted a part of it.

Less than two months into being on the product that is Isagenix, I have lost 20 pounds and over 24 inches of my total body measurements. I have energy levels I have not known in over 10 years, and my zest for life has returned, that Great Journey not only a hope but a reality...all because I have become a product of the product that is Isagenix.

Want to know more, want to follow my personal journey as I find the self I am meant to be, then visit my blog at http://isagenixguru.blogspot.com/, and if instead you are more interested in the business opportunity and residual imcome that is a part of being a member of the Isagenix family then visit my company website at http://sherwoodmartinelli.isagenix.com
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