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Amazon aStore Jumpstarted!!
by Johnny Jones

Amazon aStore Jumpstarted!!
You may have heard that earning cash on the internet is not very easy, but it not very hard either. Working smart and not hard will make your efforts worthwhile. My goal here is to communicate how to be smart and make money online the easy way. If time is a problem for you; but you’re determined.. I suggest that you start out by getting an account with Amazon as an Associate.

Get involved with Their affiliate program will allow you to earn an income by promoting Amazon products online. Amazon pays you a commission for the sale. Following the guidelines I’m providing in this post will help by increasing your income. If you don’t do your homework you may lose money so this is important.

When you have an account as an affiliate with Amazon you’re going to need to decide what you’re going to sell. What you decide to sell can be anything but make sure it is available first; by going to Amazon and checking.

Create your aStore by going to your account with Amazon and click on the aStore tab and follow the steps; it’s very easy.

Choosing a name for your store is critical. Pick a name that includes your keywords and use words like online or buy.

Advertise you store by using bookmarking services, blogs, Sqidoo, ultimately how aggressive you are with promoting your aStore will determine how much traffic you create. You can build several sites and link them to one another and then link them to bookmarking sites. This will increase the chances of search engines including your site in searches.

This tip of building several sites and linking them together is a critical SEO technique that will help make you money in time it will get better. Make it a point it build a few site per week and link them all.

I hope this was helpful. Check out the other posts that I have on this subject.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tools I’m sure that you will be pleased so to your success.

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