About Page In a spinning world of back links, auto responders and scripts, a simple gifting program is a breath of fresh air.
How One Dollar can give you a break!
by Colette Bahr, Net-Mompreneur

Sigh. I think I just clicked on my 3,245th e-mail from the fifth safe-list I signed up for! This internet marketing stuff is not as simple as I expected.

After I got my BA in August '11, I considered that I would get an office job and move forward from there. But, high gas prices and three special persons that I enjoy seeing and being home for would be the cost, not to mention politics and stress. On the life enjoyment scale, not the best trade-off. So I like many other Moms decided to look into this internet marketing stuff to see if I could earn some cash while being home for my little monsters.

This program is one in a long list of at least 20-50 programs I've reviewed within the last month. It reminds me of the old cash gifting programs that used to be run the old-fashioned way, with a newspaper ad or a letter in the mail. Still the same concept! But instead of getting one-of-a-thousand xerox copied letters in the mail, this gifting program is run with snazzy modern affiliate sites and electronic dollar bills.

You, if you were to join this refreshing updated yet old-fashioned in method gifting program, would only need to spend $1.00 and market your affiliate site to thousands or millions electronically to get your Alert Pay account filled with $1.00 bills. It's that simple. No questions to ask, not much to lose, and a great way to participate in a gifting program that takes the thinking-too-hard out of your internet marketing day.

So happy prospecting, fellow internet marketers. It's a jungle "in" here!

Get a breath of fresh air from stressing over your referral commissions or marketing budget by keeping a slight, childlike lookout for some surprise dollar bill presents in your Alert Pay account.
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