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Fresh Email Leads MLM And Network Marketing Prospect
by Carl Morrell

Why email marketing is still the number one way to market any products or business opportunity. Email marketing is also the least complicated way to market as well, no building website, no html codes needed. They say the money is in the list and you best believe it is.

• 94% of all internet users send or read e-mails
• Email is 40 Times More Effective than Facebook & Twitter
• More than 50% of all businesses achieve 10% of their sales through email campaigns
• In 2013, email had a ROI of 4000%.
• 93% of marketers & 49% of consumers made a purchase as a direct result of receiving an email message
• 93% of consumers have subscribed to at least one brand's email

There are plenty of email marketers pushing methods, ebooks and software on how to build lists but you also can save time and purchase your lists from list providers. So for more consistent profits on whatever you are selling I recommend email marketing.
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