About Page How would you like to get payed for using your computer by building your home page like you want it
Getting Payed For Using Your Computer
by Richard Harrington

PeopleString shares its Revenue with you! The more you use PeopleString, the more you earn! Refer a friend and earn 10% of what they earn for life. PeopleString is a social affiliate program so you earn on six levels of connections.
“My online life is organized by PeopleString and the ‘Insta-Portal.’ PeopleString is where my day starts and ends.” -David Corder, NSCA-CPT -Colorado
“I get paid for my use of the internet and it’s an Easy, Fun and Free gateway that makes life on the internet a snap and you can make some good money too.” -Dr. Lenny Cocco, D.C. – California
“I can’t imagine how the internet has come so far without this portal!” -Sherri Kirklin, WAHM –Texas
“I love the new Social Portal. It places everything right at my fingertips! I love the ability to put all my Favorites on the front page.” -Catherine White, Business Owner -Illinois
“I can customize my PeopleString homepage just how I like it!! Getting paid to use a new, cool, easy-to-use homepage? What’s not to like?!!” -Candice Keller, Internet Marketer – California
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