Playing the Lottery  
About Page Any lotto game has the same basis: a simple drawing of random numbers. The number of possibilities for winning are virtually endlless.
How much to spend playing lottery?
by Martin Green

You DO NOT need to spend a large amount of money to have success with our system. Many people have had great success with a minor investment of just $10-$20 per draw using our system ($10-$27 per draw is the average a person spends to receive good results).

The most important part is to follow the system and investment at least the average amount ($10-$27 per draw) to receive good results.

Should you choose to make your wager on a list of numbers similar to the set of numbers shown in our systems, it will cost you $10-27, which is not a lot of money to wage using a system that has a proven record of accomplishment of combining very accurate winning lotto numbers.

Once you have selected a list of the numbers that you will be using for your lotto numbers, continue using the same system consecutively for at least 15 (same state/country) lotto draws with the same numbers and combinations.
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