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Profit From Free Ads: Review
by Edward McKinney

My Review of Profit From Free Ads

PRODUCT: Profit From Free Ads
Overall Ranking: 9.9 out of 10
Price: Starter Membership $0 Seven Upgrade Levels, starting at $17
Owners: Jane Mark and Phil Basten

Introduction to Profit From Free Ads

I'm not sure where to begin. Profit From Free Ads (PFFA) has a full arsenal of tools that is built to create wealth for any entrepreneur. Whether you are a "newbie" just starting out or a professional marketer, this is a must have. With PFFA's simple, user-friendly Wealth Creation System you have a plethora of advertising at your disposal, a phenomenal list building weapon, and MASSIVE earning potential with BIG commissions. It is an all-inclusive business platform.

PFFA Pros vs. Cons


Promote All of Your Own Affiliate Sites for Life
Send Solo Ads to Entire PFFA List of Members for Life
Send Solo Ads to Your Downline for Life
One time investment: No Monthly Fees
Ready Made Money Maximizing Blog included in all 7 levels
Give Away Unlimited Free Ad Credits to Build Your List
Earn Up to 50% in commissions on personal sales (no limit)
Start as low as $17
An Evergreen Site
Continual Training Tutorials

It Can be Overwhelming Because There Are So Many Tools at Your Disposal
The Blogs Do Not Have a Comment Response Section for Visitors to Interact
Free members DO NOT Earn Commissions

Commission Structure

Commission Levels

Here are the commission payouts for each ad pack level. You get a commission up to the level you are.

Paid weekly

Ad Pack 1: Manager Level $20%
Ad Pack 2: Mentor Level $25%
Ad Pack 3: Supervisor Level $30%
Ad Pack 4: Executive Level $35%
Ad Pack 5: Director Level $40%
Ad Pack 6: CEO Level $45%
Ad Pack 7: Tycoon Level $50%

Every business on the planet needs advertising and always will. This is an evergreen platform the will make you money. It's up to you how much you can make. I took a risk and jumped in at the Tycoon level and never looked back. I earned my first three commissions in two weeks. This is a business in itself with which you can promote anything you want for life. Reciprocity is one of the greatest ways to build your list and with PFFA you can give away advertising, which as I said before, EVERY company needs.

There is too much offered at Profit From Free Ads for me to include everything in this article. These are the main points that got me excited when I found it. And just like when you find a great restaurant, you want to share the good news with friends.

Click here and use for free $350.00 worth of credits. Check it out for yourself and tell me what you think.

To your success!
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