Quality Links Not Quantity To Rank Your Website Well  
About Page How Many Links Does A Website Need To Rank Well ?
This all depends on the competition.
Quality Links ,Not Quantity To Rank Your Website Well
by Barbara Blevins

If you find , for instance, that the top 10 results in Google are ranked for the keywords "make money online" - study their backlink count, some are ranked higher then others with fewer backlinks .

The reason is , that those fewer backlinks they have, are dofollow, HIGH PAGE RANK backlinks.

But their competitors have more backlinks and are still ranked below them because they have LOW PAGE RANK backlinks and have more nofollow links then them.

So the trick is - less is more - particularly if you are getting dofollow and high pagerank backlinks .

There is no need to go out and get hundreds of links if you know what you are doing.

I hope this very important tip steers you in the right direction.
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