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by By James Manning

Section 1
What is Viral List-Building?
When you got your first job, someone hired you to do work for them.
And, it's likely that they also worked for someone else (they had a boss too),
who also answered to the head of the company. Companies are built in a tier
fashion, with the biggest earners at the top. The chain-of-command may be
larger or smaller, depending on the company, but nonetheless, it all boils down
to someone hiring someone else to do the leg-work, while they benefit.
Okay, now let me address something that you probably already know
about, or you wouldn't be here in the first place. In Online Marketing, the
best way to earn money is by having a LIST. Your LIST is a list of contacts who
are interested in your product, service, opinion, etc., and who are willing to
provide you with their email address. In return, you provide them something
of value, such as information, that's related to what got their interest in the
first place; although, your information may vary from time to time.
Now, let's combine the above two paragraphs and discuss... what is Viral
List-Building? It means you employ the efforts of others to build your own list.
It is also a tier fashion, much like brick and mortar companies, but the good
part is, you are at the top this time!
So, how exactly does it work? Here's an example: You decide you want
to build a viral list of subscribers. You have something to offer and you find
someone who is interested and will give you their email address. Then, you
pass along the item of interest, which they also have the right to pass along.
So, they find someone interested and obtain their email address, passing along
the goods as well. This keeps going and before you know it, you have several
tiers (levels) of people and you have all of their email addresses.
Here's where it gets good. You don't stop with just obtaining that one
email address on your own. Yes, the others have also obtained email
addresses that you can send email to, but you all continue to find new,
interested people. This means each level is getting wider, and your list is
getting bigger and bigger, with your efforts, as well as the efforts of others!
Section 2
What Kind of Bait Should You Use?
As I briefly mentioned in the first section, in order to build your list, you
are offering something that another person finds valuable. In the Internet
Marketing world, we call that “bait.” Bait to grab the prospect and obtain
their email address.
There are a multitude of things to offer when building your list, but
eBooks are most popular. And, eBooks that have the greatest value are those
that can be rebranded, then given away or sold over and over. This also has a
viral effect and should enable an income flow as well.
A not-so-subtle note ... there is a rebranded version of this ebook :)
But, what else could you offer that would really get people anxious to
share their email address with you? How about the ability to also build their
list virally? Yes! Think about section one when I discussed sharing something
with one, then they share with another, and so on. That's the concept here.
You will share a system of viral list-building with someone who is
interested, then they have the same ability to build their list virally. So, this
is an exchange, but it's not an even exchange, because the people you share
the viral list-building system with cannot send email to you! It's a one-way
flow and this is a key component for a great viral list-builder (stay tuned).
Let me throw one more thing in the mix... what if the bait you were
offering was the ability to earn Immediate Income? Do you think others would
be interested? I mean, who doesn't want immediate income when they are
building their list, right? Who says you have to wait until you send out a
broadcast to earn from someone who just joined your list??
You may have seen statistics about how much most people earn, on
average, from each person in their list. So, if you have the ability to earn
right when they join your list, and in the future too, plus have them help build
your list even bigger, then you're sitting on a goldmine.
Section 3
About Subscriber Email Addresses
When building your list, the quality of an email address is vitally
important. Especially if you're using a list-building system. There are many
advertising sites out there that promote “building your list,” when in essence,
they are basically offering mailing abilities that resemble a Safelist. That's
great and you should ALWAYS call upon every advertising opportunity.
That's not to make a negative comparison to a saflist – it's just a
comparison that you're sending email to a different group of people, and more
importantly, to a different group of email addresses.
Okay, so let's dive deeper into what I'm talking about in this section...
the quality of a subscriber's email address. What makes an email address a
quality email address for a list-builder? It's an email address where they
actually read email on a daily, or semi-daily basis. Not one that they created
just to give out to those people or services they feel will blow-up their
inbox... almost literally, lol.
So, what can you we do to make sure people feel confident enough to
give us their real, contact email address?
For starters, we can guarantee them a system that does not allow them
to receive much email in the first place. More on that in the next section!
Secondly, if they have the ability to earn immediate income when
someone joins their list, they won't mind sharing the email address they use to
receive payment notifications. You know... those “You just received a
Payment” emails that get you all excited, because you just made money!
Well, payment notification email addresses are what we are going after,
because they are of the highest quality. People want to make sure they know
when they earn money, so they use their real, contact email address.
In our system, there is one email address and that is the email address
we pay you at, so it better be the one where you can receive payments :)
Section 4
How to Limit Your Incoming Email
Now, this section is really important to you! Because, if you're like me,
you really don't like getting tons of email that you can't manage.
As I touched on briefly in the third section, there are sites out there
where you could get lots of email. And, most of those sites are specific for
advertising purposes and all are of huge value to promoting a business online.
I use them every day, but they require a separate email address, right? Yes!
Normally, those services are credit based, meaning there is a link in the
email that allows you to earn credits, so you can send out emails of your own.
These sites include Safelists, Text Ad Exchanges, or just Ad Exchanges, sites
with a Credit Mailer, and Solo Ad super sites.
Again, all of these are of great value, but it's an accepted fact that most
of those emails will not be read. In a broadcast of this type (to this group),
you're shooting for certain percentages, but it's no where near 100%. And, it
won't be 100% in your own list either, but with a higher-quality email address,
as we established in the previous section, your percentages are MUCH higher!
So, back to how you can limit the amount of incoming email you receive.
Consider a system where you only get email from your upline (someone who
introduced the system to you, or a person above them, etc.). That's the case
in the List4Income system - you can only receive email from someone above
you. And, there is no credit mailer that sends to random members - no credits
of any sort as a matter of fact - and there are no solo ads either.
And, you are able to build your list virally, through 4 levels, which means
you can only have a maximum of 3 people above you. And, members may
email once every 4 days, which means you can only receive a maximum of 3
emails every 4 days, and it's likely those won't even be on the same day.
I don't know about you, but I can handle getting that few amount of
emails, especially when my list is growing virally, below me, through the help
of others.
Section 5
You've Already Got a List, huh?
If you've already got a list of your own, then you're on the right track in
Internet Marketing and you should be making money now.
But, don't discount the need to grow your list even bigger. I mean, you
make more money with more people on your list, right?
I suggest that you present the List4Income system to the people on your
current list. Give them a rebranded copy of this ebook! Then, they will
actually help you grow your own list through 4 viral levels. Imagine how many
more people you could add to your list, just through the efforts of those
already in your list!
Let me show you something even better! What if you could earn
immediately from every person in your current list? You can when they
rebrand this eBook and get their own version.
You'll instantly earn $4 from every person who rebrands this eBook
through you, then you will still have them on your list where you can contact
them with more offers and earn even more money as time goes on.
Let's imagine you've got a list of 400 people now. Let's also say only 10%
of them take you up on your offer to build their own list. That's $160 that
you'll earn immediately when they choose to build their own viral list. And,
remember, they will continue to grow your own list, too!
If you're current list is 1,000 or more, you could easily earn several
thousand dollars just by introducing them to List4Income.
In addition, there are no monthly fees in our system. No matter how big
your List4Income list gets, you can still send email to them every four days.
Section 6
About Offering Bonuses
This section is really about the bonuses offered by List4Income when you
choose to rebrand this eBook and build your list virally.
Bonuses are good incentives, especially at List4Income. Then, think
about 51 bonuses. Fifty of those are quality products that you get Master
Resell Rights to, which means you can give them away, or resell them and
pocket all the money. And, I do mean quality products – not crappy stuff!
The 50 products you can download all have graphics and sales pages, so
all you need to do it edit the HTML in each page to include your name and
payment details, upload to your server, then promote to earn 100% profit.
But, that's not all of the bonuses that you'll have a crack at...
You'll also get some free advertising at exciting, and growing, traffic
exchange programs. Use these programs to promote your 50 products for
earning opportunities, or use them to promote your list-building efforts.
Section 7
The Importance of Downlines
Some people believe and live by building downlines in various programs.
Others say it's a waste of time. I disagree with the latter. And, if the truth be
known, some who have made the former statement are program owners who
also provide a way for members to build downlines in their own site.
Programs that allow you to build downlines in them generally reward you
with additional credits for each new member you refer. Since almost all
advertising programs operate on a credit basis, the more credits you earn, the
more you can advertise, and you earn credits from every one of your referrals.
The good news is that List4Income has a built-in downline builder where
you'll find the best traffic programs on the Internet. And, a few of those allow
you to build downlines in their programs through multiple levels, so that
allows you to really capitalize, since you'll have 4 viral levels to work with.
How To Make This Report Your
24/7 “Digital Sales Machine!”
I hope you enjoyed this free report and learned how much you can
benefit with viral list-building at List4Income.
Before you rush off to share this report with your Facebook friends
and Twitter followers, let me ask you a question...
Would you like to get paid immediately while building your list virally?
If so, then all you have to do is rebrand this report with your Affiliate ID
before sharing it with others. That's it. You can then post it to your blog,
share it on Facebook and Twitter, and start building your profitable, viral list.
And here's the best part...
Your readers will also receive “giveaway rights” to this report. Which
means, if they give it away without rebranding it ( and many will ) you'll get
paid commissions on ALL of their referred sales as well. Example: Let's say
“Stephanie” downloads your report, but does not rebrand it with her ID. She
then shares YOUR branded version with Bill who becomes a member at
List4Income ― guess what? YOU just got paid... Cha-ching!
Get excited! Because you're about to unleash your own “digital sales
machine” that cranks out commissons for you 24/7 ( even while you sleep! )
Here's what to do next...
Step 1: Order Branding Rights for only $7 by joining List4Income
Step 2: After you complete the setup, just fill out a short form and you
will receive an email with a link to your rebranded report.
Step 3: Start sharing your new report with others and GET PAID!
By James Manning
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