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by D McCool

Let talk about Rippln.Rippln is a new mobile app that is soon to be released ,I have to say, This is the real thing this time no scams just you getting paid “that’s Right I said real moolah !! I wont to ask you what is the one thing that stays with you pretty much 24 /7?

Have you guessed yet? no it is not your car keys or even your wallet that small little gizmo called a cell phone some where within a arms reach of our bodies .Correct! we use it to keep our daily lives more organized we play games, store our pitchers and even check our e mail

What the heck is Rippln and why are people hyping it to death?! That is the question.

Rippln is a new program that combines a mobile app and gamification sharing program with a network marketing compensation model. It is has the possibility to be a game changer in how people communicate as well as share. The company is currently in Pre-launch phase. I had to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to register and get the information.

{ It is FREE to register. The App itself is projected to be available at the end of May and you will be able to download it and use it FREE.}

What does this app do? With Rippln, people can see the impact of their social reach and profit from it. Social Media engagement has become a necessary marketing strategy and businesses have been using it to fuel their sales. Before Rippln, companies and Apps have been able to see the impact of Social Sharing on their bottom line, but the sharer hasn’t!

That is all about to change. Rippln will provide transparency and that is a BIG DEAL. Incentive’s sharing is here and it is taking off!

To get more information and to register to get the App for FREE, you need to have someone who is registered and send you and INVITATION.

Let me just say that what Rippln is doing has NOT been done before. It is truly a cool and revolutionary idea. Monetizing app sharing and gamification through a network marketing model is HUGE.


You have to look at the big picture. This thing has an amazing POTENTIAL to redefinethe word VIRAL. Over 40,000 people have accepted invites in just 3 days. It is exciting and far reaching, BUT, whenever something this different is launched, there are glitches, there are delays and sometimes unseen obstacles. And the sobering reality is that 90% of MLM’s fail.

While there is no risk to register to get the information and get the free app, if you are looking for income, this ‘opportunity’ is for the RISK TOLERANT.

Am I trying to deter you? Absolutely not. I am marketing with integrity. I am not going to tell you that you will get rich overnight with this. I’m not going to tell you that it will be smooth sailing.

I AM telling you that if this program launches, takes off and flourishes, it boggles my mind how insane it’s going to be. But if there are unforeseen challenges that pop up, it may crash and burn.


The creators of Rippln are highly successful marketers with great reputations. The best marketing leaders I know are involved.


I am promoting the program because,

IF Rippln is the next Facebook or Twitter, this girl is getting a piece.

If it isn’t, big deal. I NEVER put all of my eggs in one basket.

You MUST sign an NDA to register for Rippln. If you are not ready to sign the NDA, please do NOT send me a request, as it ties up my invitations.

Get Your Rippln Invite

Enter your Full Name and best email address to get your invitation.

Live Your Best Life!

D McCool

btw – this type of opportunity is NOT for everyone. I create multiple streams of income.
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