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by Albert E DLima


Although this is meant for Asians, it also applies to all others.

I find that a lot of Asians are menmbers of PTC Sites. this is probably because the USD Exchage rate is high compared to the local currency!

I think that it is time for us to STOP clicking on LOW paying ads like 0.0001 cent and 0.0005 cent. Eventually, we have to FORCE the Admins to do away with even the 0.001 ads

However, the Admins and especially the so called Honest Admins are getting too smart! An Honest Admin is one who not only pays you in time but also gives you your money's worth I have found that MOST of the Admins think that they are doing YOU a favour by putting up 0.0005 cent and 0.0001 cent ads, which is nonsense. It means that they do not value your time!

I for one, do NOT click the low paying ads, except by mistake, which is rare. I have requested All the admins who give LESS than 5 cents a day to Standard or Free members, WITHOUT referrals or tasks, to read my blogs on this subject.

Some are OK with this, but the majority think that I am worng. This is because ONLY Asians click on low paying ads and as long as they have sufficient members to do so, it would be difficult for them to change!

Another thing. IF you upgrade your account you get MORE per day, but YOU NEVER make back your money! At least 40% goes into the Admins pocket! The Avertising rates are quite high and they make money on that too!

Also, nowadays, the Admins are getting too much! They have the temerity to put up ads for which you do not get paid! Click the ad to see other paying ads!

So my request to all you guys is very simple. STOP clicking on Low Paying Ads. Mail the Admin that you will delete your membership if you do not get 5 cents/day and there are NO low paying ads. This is withouth referrals and tasks!

Also, GET them to agree to giving you your money back for an upgrade! OR ELSE REFUSE to upgrade. Together, I am sure that we will be able to get the Admins to play ball!

Remember, UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL. SO let us get together and get what we want!

Also, in the comments section, Please add sites that do not pay! That way, you will be helping out others who are also clicking on these sites.

Please DO NOT FALL for the ads that promise you a million dollars, a day or a year. Remmeber, if it is too good to be true then it is false.

I am going to join some Advertisement Sites and upgrade my account and then see whether I can earn some money. Will post the results on this site.

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