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About Our Business Sokule Is a Social Media site that posts to 86 Social Media Sites and Targeted Blogs with Just 1 Click

Sokule creates a list for you on auto pilot and you can email that list every 3 days. No other Social Media lets you do this.

We ping the weblogs for you letting the search engines know that a new post from you has been made

And of course we pay you for upgrades every week and that can add up to a tidy sum.
Sokule Inc
Name: Sokule Inc
City: New York, NY
Country: United States
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  • Renee Salter

    Looking good. Things just keep getting better and better
    On 07 May 2012
  • Jane Mark

    Hey Gang... Just a quick note to let you know
    we are working on some nifty features for
    these Kule Pages which will become evident
    over the next couple of weeks. Make sure you have
    set up your own Kule Pages.
    On 27 April 2011
    • Ken Tallman
      These look good where on the site can I find others that folks have made
      On 03 January 2012
    • Chineme Noke
      Catching up, slowly but surely!
      On 05 May 2011

  • Having fun and working hard just trying to keep up with
    On 27 April 2011
  • Jane Mark

    The beeez neeeezz. I love it!
    On 26 April 2011
  • Wesley Wobles

    Sokule is the beeez neeeezz
    On 25 April 2011
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